30 Hand threaded authentic gemstones adorn a hand-crafted wire tree and placed on an encrusted bed of matching gemstones, displayed within a clear glass dome that stands 13cm tall. Multi-Stone serves as a constant reminder of goals and intentions. For anyone working on manifesting prosperity or tapping into their strength and power, adding Pyrite stone to your collection can up-level your style and energy. The unique blend of featured gemstones helps you ignite your passions and purpose. Why a tree? Representing life and growth, this meaningful gift is a symbolic reference to the Tree of Life. Also known as a Feng Shui, it is celebrated as a powerful symbol throughout religion, culture, and philosophy. Each Tree is paired with intentional stones to help manifest wishes and enhance the positive energy or associated chakra.

Product Weight:0.2340kg
Product Dimensions: H 117, W 75, D 74mm

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